Sheaffer Masterpiece 14 kt cap & nib

I purchased this pen in group of Sheaffer fountain pens many years ago. I didn’t know what a gem I had until I sorted the group. One of the pens had a cap that didn’t fit. With some trial and error I put the right pen bodies and caps together.

The cap on this pen stood out because it had the 14 carat mark engraved on the clip, very near the top. The cap has a faint tartan pattern of horizontal lines across vertical lines. It has a very nice fine/medium Lifetime nib 14 carat in white and yellow gold. The body of the pen is dark brown translucent and measures about 5 3/8 inches closed.


Hello world!

i’m excited to start a new blog. I’ve ushered other blogs but they seem clunky compared to this site. I’ve fallen in love again worth fountain pens and inks. I have a number of pens and, embarrassingly, over fifteen bottles of inks and over 30 samples of inks. I just love color, the richer the better.