Goulet Pen Company Ink Drop. September & October



Since September 2012 I’ve been enjoying ink samples from Goulet Pen Company.

September Ink Drop included De Atramentis Dianthus and Sandalwood, Diamine Apple Glory, and Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium and El Lawrence.

I loved the De Atramentis Dianthus and of course dropped it into a pen and into my sample book and a few other places. It’s a very bright Magenta and lovely color. There’s nothing like Noodler’s for blue inks, Liberty’s Elysium is a dark true blue with great shading. El Lawerence is is a deep dark brown, somber in tone and good for those more formal documents.

The October Ink Drop focused on Scribal inks: Kraken-black, Leviathan-deep dark green, Nessie-dark purple, Siren- dark blue tending slightly toward green, and a hot bright medium red-Zhulong. These inks are named for mythological or unproven creature or Cryptid.

New to me pen, Waterman Carene Meridiens Stub

What a pen. I was cruising the classifieds on the Fountain Pen Network and found this beauty. Luckily for me it was still available. Pens sell fast on FPN. I’ve just been delighted with this pen and am very happy with it’s performance. I just love the line the stub nib lays down. The ink Private Reserve Black Magic Blue shows as a vibrant dark blue with lovely shading.


November ink drop arrived at my house

I’m a klutz, just facing facts here. I carefully protected my table, lined up my ink sampling tools. Opened one of the vials and spilled it. Sad. At least I learned from this, the opened ink vial belongs in the ink vial holder when it’s open. You might be wonder Ingrid where the photo is, that’s coming, last month I learned it doesn’t do to post reviews too soon. We have to wait until about the 10th of the month so as to not ruin the surprise for everyone. I’ll have photos and comments soon.

I think everyone needs to do what is right for themselves. I have every computer overuse syndrome there is, so hand writing is a relief.. However, I prefer fountain pens because they have less drag on the paper than ball point pens. I also find relief I with using more than one pen as I need relief from gripping a pen. A simple change from a Namiki to a Sheaffer will give me many more minutes of writing time. Then, of course, a change in ink color is just a delight to the eye.

An Inkophile's Blog

It’s true. “Michael” submitted a comment to my “Does It Hurt To Write? Get A Fountain Pen!” post that is the absolute opposite of my experience.

I write for a living and I get through an A4 jumbo pad in half a day.
This business of fountain pens being easier is a complete fallacy. Ballpoints require no more pressure than is needed to keep the tip on the paper and the idea that a fountain pen can write with just the weight of the pen is nonsense, I gave up the messy, inky things when I left school in 1969 and good riddance to them. Rollerballs and gel pens just fall between two stools and they are expensive to refill.
I’ll stay with ballpoint or pencil.

Is this guy right? What do you think?

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