January 18, 2014 Seattle Fountain Pen Club Meeting

I was pleased to attend the January Seattle Fountain Pen Club Meeting in Lake Forest Park, Washington. I met wonderful new people who love fountain pens. As I love ink and fountain pens, I brought my ink sample collection, some ink samples to share and of course, fountain pens. (Many thanks to George for corrections and Maja for her guesses 1/31 ijh)

Seattle Fountain Pen Club George Long

Seattle Fountain Pen Club President George Long and friends, Mort, Bill, Bud and R.P.


My friend was there, Jim. He agreed to fix three pens. I left him a Sheaffer Balance, grey striped, Parker Vacumatic Blue Striped and a green Esterbrook. He’s done a good job with several pens and I have confidence with him. I’m looking forward to using them once repaired!

Esterbrook, Sheaffer Balance and Parker Vacumatic

Esterbrook, Sheaffer Balance and Parker Vacumatic

Carl, Gina and Julia were visiting from Yakima, Washington. I thought I had a long drive coming from Olympia, they have me beat.

Carl, Julia and Gina

Carl and Gina Hill and Julia Ogden

Carl and Gina are starting a new manufacturing business and are getting ideas from fountain pen enthusiasts.  It’s an interesting idea, starting a fountain pen business. During the last ten years or so, many people have started new fountain pen focused businesses, The Goulet Pen Company, Edison Pens, Inkpen Vintage Pens, the Fountain Pen Network and Fountain Pen Geeks just to name a few.  I encourage Carl and Gina to explore visit these companies and wish them good luck!</p Carl's pens A few of Carl's handmade kit pens

John brought a nice collection of pens, can anyone identify these pens? A hint, I think the first one is a Sheaffer Pen for Men demonstrator.

Jim Miller's pens

John Mills’ pens

John showed me his Sheaffer Tuckaway first year 1940 pen. It is a tiny wonder.
Sheaffer Tuckaway

Sheaffer Tuckaway

Al let me try his Platinum Briarwood pen with Iroshizuku Yama-Guri ink. It’s a really good pen with a nice light feel. I also tried his Sailor 1911 with Noodler’s Black ink. The Sailor is a very nice pen with a super responsive nib. I’ll have to put that one on my wish list.

George let me try is Montblanc 149 with a medium nib. It is a little bit big for my hand. I think I’ll stay with my Montblanc 146. George was impressed with my nib tuning skills. I tuned the nib to being a little more toward the cursive italic and was pleased with it. I was proud that George thought I had done a good job.

Montblanc 146

Montblanc 146

Here’s a writing sample
Montblanc 146 writing sample

Montblanc 146 writing sample

I thanked George for helping my daughter, Jessica select my Christmas gift. She chose a white Tulle Lady Sheaffer. It’s a delightful addition to my fountain pen collection.

Lady Sheaffer White Tulle

Lady Sheaffer White Tulle

3 thoughts on “January 18, 2014 Seattle Fountain Pen Club Meeting

  1. Ok, I’ll take a crack at ID’ing those pens on the pen wrap above 🙂
    From L – R: Sheaffer ‘Snorkel ‘(demonstrator model), Sheaffer ‘Triumph’ Vacuum-Fil, Sheaffer Snorkel/Touchdown ‘Signature’, Sheaffer ‘Connaisseur’, Gate City ‘New Postal’, MB 146, Sheaffer ‘Tuckaway’, Conway Stewart ‘Churchill’.
    Nice write-up on the meeting!

    • You’re welcome! I did some more digging after I left my comment, and I believe the Sheaffer ‘Triumph’ is a Sheaffer ‘Triumph’ Valiant model. Sheaffer nomenclature is so confusing!!

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