Seattle Pen Club, February 15, 2014

I attended the Seattle Pen Club meeting on February 15, 2014. As usual, it was loads of fun and there were loads of beautiful red pens! I enjoyed getting to know Rudy Rostro a little better.
DSCN0312 Rudy Rostro, Bill Sexauer, Philip Arny, Dave Gruhn, Alex McHugh, Jim Wolfe

DSCN0313 Philip Arny, Dave Gruhn, Alex McHugh, Jim Wolfe, plus Mont Teague

DSCN0314 Seattle Pen Club President George Long, Ken Schillinger

Bill Sexauer shared his red pen collection. We talked a little bit about pen shows as a least two Seattle Pen Club members were at the Los Angeles Pen Show. Bill helped me by listing his pens. Let me know if I got any of these wrong!

DSCN0321 Top Row: S. T. Dupont Vertigo, S. T. Dupont Vertigo II, S. T. Dupont Laque Ecaille II, S. T. Dupont Montparnasse, Classic Pens LM1 Flame Red. Bottom Row: Cross Metropolitan, Cross Pinnacle, Aurora Ipsilon Deluxe, Sailor Arrow, Reform Komma Junior-K

DSCN0320 Top Row: Pilot Gold Band, Pilot 78G, Esterbrook J, Parker 45, Parker Jotter Ballpoint. Bottom Row: Lamy Safari, Lamy Safari, Yves Saint Laurent, Marceau, Parker “Big Red” Ballpoint, Parker 51

DSCN0319 Sheaffer PFM-II, Sheaffer PFM-III, Sheaffer Tuckaway, Sheaffer Snorkel Statesman, Sheaffer Triumph 440, Sheaffer Fineliner Pencil, Sheaffer TRZ Ballpoint, Sheaffer Prelude, Sheaffer Prelude, 1997 “Snow Pen” Holiday Special Edition, Sheaffer Triumph, 1996 “Holly Pen” Holiday Special Edition 3-pen set, FP, RB and BP

DSCN0318 Sheaffer Triumph Autograph, Vac-Filler, 1943, Sheaffer Triumph 1250, Vac-Filler, 1942, Sheaffer Balance, 1939, Parker Vacumatic, 1933, Parker Vacumatic, 1946, Sheaffer Cartridge Pen, Late 1950’s or so

DSCN0317 All of the items on the left page are Sheaffer Targas. The third and fourth items on the top row are pencils. All of the other ones with tapered tips are ballpoints. The remainder are all fountain pens.

Bill said that he purchased some very special pens at shows. He says the Pilot Custom 823 “Amber” Mottishaw ground .7 mm cursive italic has been in his his daily carry since he purchased it (the first pen). Pilot Custom 823 Amber (Chicago Pen Show, 2010), S. T. Dupont Vertigo (LA Pen Show, 2011), Classic Pens LM1 Flame Red (Dallas Pen Show, 2012), Classic Pens Black Resin Legend Prototype* (Dallas Pen Show, 2012), Blue Parker Vacumatic (Dallas Pen Show, 2012), * Note, this pen has an 18K (18 Karat) nib.



A writing sample from the Pilot Custom 823.


Jim Wolfe let me photograph a favorite fountain pen, at Pilot 14 #10 nib model 742 with a custom ground Mottishaw Spencerian conversion. It’s interesting that two people said one of their favorite pens had a custom ground nib done by John Mottishaw (check out Mr. Mottshaw’s site at

Pilot742 Levenger-Omas Articula, Blue, 14K Semi-Flex nib

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