Goulet Pens February 2013 Ink Drop

Early each month I receive a delightful package of ink samples from Goulet Pens. This month was a bevy of purple and red in celebration of Valentines Day. Purple and red are my favorite ink colors and this ink drop include De Atramentis Auburgine, Diamine Deep Magenta, Iroshizuku Yama-budo, Rohrer and Klinger Cassia and Sailor Jentle Grenade.

I’ve been using De Atramentis Auburgine in my Pilot Custom, fine point fountain pen. It is very dark and shows up well in this fine point pen. It’s too dark of a color to shade well and is quite different than my other purple inks, it’s more red. I might have to purchase a bottle of this ink at a future time. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Diamine Deep Magenta is a bright, vibrant ink. I enjoy pink and this one is very cheerful. It’s not as bright as De Atramentis Dianthus though in the same color family.

Iroshizuku Yama-budo was introduced to me by a friend. I love the Iroshizuku ink bottles. I’ll share a Pilot ink company photo, their ink bottles are works of art. pilot-iroshizuku-inks_0

I have this ink loaded continuously in my daily carry Sheaffer Goldfilled Triumph. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Rohrer and Klinger Cassia is a new purple and I like it. If I didn’t have several purple inks I would order a bottle of this ink right away. It’s behaving well in my Pilot Metal Falcon .

Sailor Jentle Grenade is a beautiful shaded red with such subtlety. It’s hard to describe and I can’t wait to try it in different pens. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pelikan M400 White Tortoise

My Pelikan M400 Souverän White Tortoise is one of the prettiest fountain pens I own. The green, brown and golden striated barrel, with white cap, section and blind cap, gold ring accents and gold Pelikan clip is just stunning. It has a broad oblique nib that makes a beautiful shaded line especially with Caran d’Ache Amazon. This ink shades beautifully with this nib. The nib is white and yellow 14 karat gold and has lovely incised scroll designs and a line inscription of a mother Pelikan with two chicks. I ordered this pen from Printhardcopy on the Fountain Pen Network who has a good inventory available most of the time at good prices. He ships very quickly. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






Acorn Squash drawing using Fountain Pens and Inks

Pen and ink drawing

Pen and ink drawing

Hero fountain pen

Platinum PG 200

Sheaffer School PenPlatinum PG 200Montblanc 244

I was baking some Acorn Squash and was inspired to do a line drawing. I focused on the colors in the photo, a dark green, a lighter green, a touch of orange and a subtle brown.

I used Iroshizuku Syo-ro in a Montblanc 244, Waterman Harmonie in a Wing Sung, Apache Sunset in a Sheaffer School Pen, J Herbin Vert Empire in a Platinum PG-200, and Iroshizuku Ina-ho in a Hero. I needed pens that for the most part had a very fine line.

The Hero and Wing Sung pens are great for drawing and ink sampling and have a fine line. The Hero pens are wonderful little pens. I bought a whole tray of a dozen pens for under $30.00 a few years ago. I’ve given a few away. Often, I use them for ink sampling, they hold a small amount of ink in a converter. The Wing Sung are very inexpensive and have a permanently attached converter. Each of these pens needed nib smoothing before use.

The Platinum PG-200s are an ultimate fine line pen and are great performers. I used a modified Platinum converter as it’s rare to find an old style squeeze converter for these pens. If you want a fountain pen that is very high quality, 14 kt gold nib and an extremely fine line try one of these pens.

The Montblanc 244 with an oblique nib is so expressive and with the Iroshizuku Syo-ro, and ink that shades so beautifully. A wow pen with a wow ink. I needed a neutral brown that was not to0 saturated so I loaded a Hero pen with Iroshizuku with Ina-ho, it was great for drawing in the stems on the squash and the stylized grass in the background.

About that Montblanc 244, there is a question as to whether this is a 244 or is it another Montblanc? Perhaps it’s a combination of pens. Hmmm. Any help?

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

To everyone who viewed my blog, thank you and have a very happy new year!

A good day for the blues

blue ink comparison

blue ink comparison

I’m often somewhat blue and so have an affinity for blue inks.  I also like blue gems, clothes, blue skys and just plain blueness.  Oh, you were wanting me to get to the ink review.

I have loads of blue inks and many of them are my go to inks during my work day.  Hey, do you really want to explain why you’re using Catus Fruit Eel during a meetng at work?  No, it’s better just to day in the blue zone, is much easier to stay in the shadows.

My first example on this page is Waterman Blue in the Waterman Cartridge.  Now don’t turn your nose up at fountain pen cartridges.   Some ink versions only show up in the cartridges.  This one is a fine true blue that is middle of the road but an excellent reliable performer.  When I want a pen that will work on the first try with no skipping, I choose my Waterman Carene with a fine point 18 kit nib .  With the Waterman blue cartridge, there is nothing more reliable and well, sedate.

I have a really nice vintage 1960 or so, Parker 21 loaded with Private Reserve DC Electric Blue.  This ink has a secret, it shines with a ruddy sheen on the page expecially on a non-asorbent paper like this Rhodia La Gamme, 80 gram, High Grade Vellum Paper.  The ink color is a dark saturated blue.  Very nice performer in pens, is a little on the wet side.

Eclat de Saphir has long been one of my favorite blue inks.  I thought I love another J. Herbin ink better, Blue Myosotis.  No this ink is darker, a hint more purple and is way more saturated..  As it is a J. Herbin ink it’s nicer in my pens, rinses out well and is such a good all-round dark blue ink that I use it in many pens at a time.  Here I have it in my Platinum Sterling Silver pen with an 18 kit nib that is slightly flexy.

The next ink is the Isoshizuku Ku-jaku (Peacock).  I fell in love with this greenish blue as soon as I tried a sample.  I’ve loaded it into several pens and in the Montblanc 224, 14 kt nib, the color is not showing any shading.  However with my Pilot Elite it shades, and shades as you can see on the page.

Next up is my Namiki Vanishing Point (blue and silver) with J. Herbin Bleu Pervence.  It’s a bright light blue that transports you to field of periwinkle blue flowers.  J. Herbin inks are easy to rinse out of pens, are neither wet nor too dry.  What’s not to love?

Caran d’Ache Carribean is the prettiest blue  green that brings to mind the beautiful blue greens of tropical seas.  I was able to witness the astonishing color of the tropical ocean in Hawaii last summer and this ink is of that color family.  Why aren’t I in Hawaii right now?  I have no real answer to that question.  I am yearning for a warm sunny day on the islands.  Oh, back to the review,  the pen, I found a vintage Pilot that has the most flexible 14 ktnib for a tiny little pen and nib, in silver and tourquoise blue.

At a local office supply store, not the big box kind, a local Olympia store that’s been in business for over twenty years, I found a cache of great inks and pens.  They stock Parker Quink ink and so to support them and to enrich my ink supply I bought blue and black inks.  I loaded my Montblanc white Noblesse with the blue ink.  It performed well in the pen, a middle of the road blue ink with no green tones.  I’d like it if this nib had a little more flex and so might take it to a nib meister for some tuning.  A nice medium blue ink with a very good fountain pen.

I was watching Steven Brown of Fountain Pen Geeks review a blue ink.  He moaned, or said, though I think it was a little moany, isn’t there a blue ink that shades?  Steven, I found an ink that shades beautifully.  It’s the one of our oldest brands of inks, Sheaffer, and a surprising modest color, blue black.  It shades in the most amazing way in my Pelikan Souveran M800 with a 1.1 mm Greg Minuskin nib.  I was so happy to discover that this ink shades.  Honestly, I somehow ended up with two bottle of this ink and was not impressed with the color.  It’s a little subdued, I like bright inks, but now it has this special property and has wormed its way into my heart.  The Pelikan Souveran is amazing too.

Private Reserve Black Magic Blue caught my attention as I like a bright blue and wanted one with a really dark tone.  This ink manages to do both with lots of style.  I have it here in my new to me Waterman Carenes Meridian stub 1.1 18 kt nib.  It doesn’t shade at all because it’s too dark and saturated.   However, it just jumps off the page with it’s blueness and richness.  I love the 1.1 stub pens because that thick and thin line is so pretty.  If you have an ink that shades, the stub will bring it out.  I also think a pen with a high performing nib and pretty ink will make your penmanship more beautiful, look what they’ve done for mine.

On to one of the most controversial inks in my collection, Noodler’s Baystate Blue.  If you want an ink that will knock your socks off with blueness, this is the one for you.  Be careful though, it’s a bit on the acidic side.  I advise not putting it in vintage pens.  I have it in my Pilot M90, a modern pen with a modern ink sac and it’s made of stainless steel, one tough pen.  Even so, I’ll likely rinse it out after a few days.  Better safe than sorry.   Look at the samples of this color on this page an other users.  It’s an amazing vibrant blue ink.   Here’s Nathan Tardiff talking about his ink Baystate Blue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOws7QsdQMM

Ink comparisons, Let’s go pink!

I’be been trying lots of colors in my fountain pens, going through the color wheel in inks. 

In the pinks I’m starting J. Herbin Larmes de Cassis (Tears of the Black Currant), which is actually a dark burgundy.  This ink is one of my go to inks.  It behaves well in fountain pens, doesn’t dry in the pen too quickly.  Rinses out well and is a yummy color.

Next to it is De Atramentis Strawberry, this color is a nice medium red with a hint, a breath of orange.  Just enough to remind you of the blush of red that rests on the surface of those lovely summer berries.

 J. Herbin Rouge Bourgogne is a bright pink that shades well and like al the J. Herbin ink behaves well in fountain pens.  I liked it so well I used it twice in this sample.

I was introduced to Larmes  Noodler’s Rachmaninoff.   This ink is heavy on preciptants so I rinsed it out of my Platinum PG-200 soon after I wrote this sample.  It was clogging my pen.

De Atramentis Dianthus in my Sheaffer Demonstrator with an M8 nib is such a nice bright deep pink.  I been using this ink from tiny ink sample vials and I think I’ll have to buy a whole bottle.  It behaves well in pens, flows smoothly and I just love this color.

Once I rinsed out and dried the pen that had Rachmaninoff, I loaded Noodler’s Hellfire.  This ink is so light on paper, I think it is meant to be used as a highlighter ink.  It is a little dry in the pen so I’ll rinse it out soon. 

Private Reserve Arabian Rose in my Namiki Vanishing Point Medium Nib.  When I wrote this sample, I was surprised to see the nib flex just a little so it showed me that this ink does shade.  I’m remembering this once I improve my pen collection with more pens that have flexible nibs!

Noodler’s Saguaro Wine, if you love a rich pink that has plenty of saturation and shades toward blue, ooo baby this ink is the one for you!  It does shade a tiny bit.  This ink behaves well in pens, rinses out well and lays down well on the paper.

Noodler’s Catus Fruit Eel flows well.  It is an eel  ink after all, Noodler’s formulated these inks to increase their flow ability.  It’s a little brighter that Saguaro Wine and is such a great color.  This ink is a favorite of mine. 

Iroshizuku Yam-budo (Crimson Glory Vine) is less bright that Saguaro Wine or Catus Fruit Eel.  It has just a hint of duskyness that I like.  All the Iroshizuku inks be outstanding performers in pens, beautiful colors and behave well in my fountain pens.scan0001

Goulet Pens Inknouveau November Ink Drop Entry

I know I’ve been taking a little break from blogging. Excuses are as follows: I’ve been working on my entry for Goulet Pens November Ink Drop contest. Work on my entry took most of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Hey, the pressure is on, have you seen the other entries? I started work on my entry as soon as I received my Ink Drop package. As you remember soon after I received it, I had some clean up to do as I spilled Diamine Ochre all over the place, on the table, on me and on my ink sample page. Once I recovered, I was on to thinking of what to do for my entry.

I was inspired by the lovely fall colors of the November Ink Drop. I also took inspiration from the beautiful trees in my Olympia, Washington neighborhood. This year we had an exceptional long dry sunny fall that coaxed the most beautiful colors into the leaves. I used all the colors in the Ink Drop: De Atramentis Mahatma Gandhi (fluorescent), Diamine Ochre, Noodler’s Cayenne, Noodler’s Tiananmen and Rohrer & Klinger Morinda. I used watercolor technique for the ink wash, a Hero pen and a Sheaffer Crest pen.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the work in progress. As I took pictures of the early work I realized that the Goulets put in a little holiday surprise in the November Ink Drop, De Atramentis Mahatma Gandhi is definitely fluorescent.

I was so impressed with Noodler’s Tiananmen and Diamine Ochre that I ordered bottles of each right away. I needed the Ochre because I managed to spill most of it and it’s just a wonderful saturated, shading brown. Tiananmen is a deep red, heavy on the saturation and performs well in pens and on the page.







I’ve been working on improving my handwriting. As usual my workspace is intensely messy with fountain pens, ink, paper. Today I put down a few lines with j. Herbin Bleu Pervence and Pouissere de Lune among others. A partial Los of pens: Platinum Sterling Silver nib fine 18 kt white gold, Cross medium nib 14 kt yellow gold, various Sheaffers, Pilot 78G Italic BB, wing sung 233, Plilot PG 200, Waterman Carene Stub, Montblanc 22, Montblanc 22, Perker 21, Montblanc 144, Twisbi 540 and Mini. Some of the inks: Sheaffer blue, De Atramentis Bamboo Green, Sandalwood, j. herbin Lierre Sauvage, Diamine Apple Glory, Caran d’Ache Amazon, Caribbean, Montblanc Burgundy, J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir, Enjoy.
















Goulet Pen Company Ink Drop. September & October



Since September 2012 I’ve been enjoying ink samples from Goulet Pen Company.

September Ink Drop included De Atramentis Dianthus and Sandalwood, Diamine Apple Glory, and Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium and El Lawrence.

I loved the De Atramentis Dianthus and of course dropped it into a pen and into my sample book and a few other places. It’s a very bright Magenta and lovely color. There’s nothing like Noodler’s for blue inks, Liberty’s Elysium is a dark true blue with great shading. El Lawerence is is a deep dark brown, somber in tone and good for those more formal documents.

The October Ink Drop focused on Scribal inks: Kraken-black, Leviathan-deep dark green, Nessie-dark purple, Siren- dark blue tending slightly toward green, and a hot bright medium red-Zhulong. These inks are named for mythological or unproven creature or Cryptid.