Acorn Squash drawing using Fountain Pens and Inks

Pen and ink drawing

Pen and ink drawing

Hero fountain pen

Platinum PG 200

Sheaffer School PenPlatinum PG 200Montblanc 244

I was baking some Acorn Squash and was inspired to do a line drawing. I focused on the colors in the photo, a dark green, a lighter green, a touch of orange and a subtle brown.

I used Iroshizuku Syo-ro in a Montblanc 244, Waterman Harmonie in a Wing Sung, Apache Sunset in a Sheaffer School Pen, J Herbin Vert Empire in a Platinum PG-200, and Iroshizuku Ina-ho in a Hero. I needed pens that for the most part had a very fine line.

The Hero and Wing Sung pens are great for drawing and ink sampling and have a fine line. The Hero pens are wonderful little pens. I bought a whole tray of a dozen pens for under $30.00 a few years ago. I’ve given a few away. Often, I use them for ink sampling, they hold a small amount of ink in a converter. The Wing Sung are very inexpensive and have a permanently attached converter. Each of these pens needed nib smoothing before use.

The Platinum PG-200s are an ultimate fine line pen and are great performers. I used a modified Platinum converter as it’s rare to find an old style squeeze converter for these pens. If you want a fountain pen that is very high quality, 14 kt gold nib and an extremely fine line try one of these pens.

The Montblanc 244 with an oblique nib is so expressive and with the Iroshizuku Syo-ro, and ink that shades so beautifully. A wow pen with a wow ink. I needed a neutral brown that was not to0 saturated so I loaded a Hero pen with Iroshizuku with Ina-ho, it was great for drawing in the stems on the squash and the stylized grass in the background.

About that Montblanc 244, there is a question as to whether this is a 244 or is it another Montblanc? Perhaps it’s a combination of pens. Hmmm. Any help?